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Recap: 16 – 17 Leadership Institute Day 4 – Design and Construction

Leadership Component: Jess Zimbabwe

Day 4 of the Leadership Institute kicked off with an energetic presentation by Jess Zimbabwe, ED of the Daniel Rose Center, National League of Cities. Tracing an arc from Plato to Homer (Simpson!), the program offered not just food for thought and a historical context for what we do, but also a motivational call to arms for how to engage as land use professionals and how to positively impact the policies and processes that shape our built environment. The day continued with a group effort to tackle difficult problems experienced … Read More

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Release: New Report Asserts Transit Oriented Development Provides Fiscal Benefits for Local Governments

TOD Not Only “Pays its Own Way” but Subsidized nonTOD Development ULI Washington in conjunction with ULI Baltimore and the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. Transit-Oriented Development Product Council today released a new report, Fiscal Impacts of Transit-Oriented Development Projects. The study of nearly 10,000 TOD and nonTOD apartment units within the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan region concluded that transit-oriented development (TOD) is a responsible fiscal choice for local governments and can save them money. A deeper fiscal impact analysis of four selected TODs found that these developments generated between S1.13 and $2.20 in … Read More

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