About Us

ULI Washington, a District Council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), is one of the largest District Councils in the world, with just under 2,000 members.


About Us

ULI is a nonprofit research and education organization supported by its members, representing the entire spectrum of land use and real estate development disciplines working in private enterprise and public service – including leading property owners, investors, advisors, developers, architects, lawyers, lenders, planners, regulators, contractors, engineers, university professors, librarians, students, and interns.

ULI Washington is one of ULI’s largest District Councils worldwide, with over 2,000 members. We welcome membership and participation from individuals who share our commitment to responsible land use to sustain the growth and prosperity of the National Capital region.  The opportunity to influence local land use policy remains the focus and achievement of ULI Washington.  Members of the Urban Land Institute in the greater Washington, DC area are automatically members of ULI Washington.

For 2017-2019, ULI Washington is exploring three specific themes:

  • Housing Affordability
  • Regional Economic Health and Competitiveness
  • Disruption Trends and Technologies

In 2016, a new Strategic Plan was adopted by the district council leadership.  The full Strategic Plan document can be found here.

The adopted Vision in the Plan is:

  • To be the most valued and respected real estate organization in the Washington region

The adopted Mission is:

  • To be the place where real estate industry professionals, the public sector, and other thought leaders engage in sharing ideas, promoting best practices, solving problems, learning and educating to positively impact the built environment

The plan lays out three key areas of concentration for the next five years:

  • Impact and Influence,
  • Member Engagement and Satisfaction, and
  • Organizational Strength.

ULI Washington Chair

Yolanda Cole

Hickok Cole Architects

District Council Chair


(202) 667-9776

ULI Washington Staff

Lisa Rother

ULI Washington

Executive Director


(202) 506-0482

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Bernadine Dullaghan

ULI Washington



(301) 894-7310

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Emily Tara Weberman

ULI Washington

Senior Director


(202) 316-0970

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Becca Hertz

ULI Washington



(202) 624-7120

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Margit Nahra

UrbanPlan Program Director


(240) 605-8735

Bria Burke

ULI Washington



(240) 497-1919

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