Activity Centers


Activity Centers


Through a strategic partnership, ULI Washington and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments(COG) have committed to delivering TAPs in COG-designated Activity Centers. The goal of this program is to focus development opportunities in priority growth areas within the Metropolitan Washington Region.

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) is an independent, nonprofit association that brings area leaders together to address major regional issues in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia. COG’s membership is comprised of 300 elected officials from 22 local governments, the Maryland and Virginia state legislatures, and U.S. Congress. Policies are set through the COG Board of Directors, the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, and the Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee. These three boards are responsible for a broad range of issues under the COG umbrella, including but not limited to transportation, land-use, public health and safety, education, the environment and more. To learn more about COG, visit

The following reports have been competitively selected as projects that bring value to the region’s Activity Centers. For more information on ULI’s strategic partnership with COG, visit this page.

They are as follows:

The Land Assemblage Strategies for the Glenmont Shopping Center

Investing in Prince George’s Plaza

Development Opportunities in the City of Falls Church

Re-Envisioning Rhode Island Avenue

Powering Progress on Benning Road

Revitalization Strategies for Annandale, VA

Florida Avenue Market Area

Research Boulevard- It’s Not an Office Park!

Vienna: The Historical Town at the Heart of the Washington & Old Dominion Trail

Realizing a New Vision for Chinatown Park

Creating a Future for Greenbelt Road/MD-184