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A Year-end Note from the Chair

IMPACT UPDATE ULI Washington has had a terrific year and the level of engagement from the members is critical to the success of the district council.  As we are nearing the end of the fiscal year, we are pleased to announce that we are working our way through our primary strategic IMPACT goals under the themes of:  Housing Affordability, Economic Competitiveness and Disruptive Technologies.  Housing Affordability The ULI Washington Impact Task Force has contracted with two consultants to undertake a research study on the time, cost and effort of by-right … Read More

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Building Bridges Across the River: ULI Mini Technical Assistance Panel

Six members from the latest graduating class of Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Regional Land Use Leadership Institute joined the 11th Street Bridge Park for a Mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP) to focus on a specific issue facing a local community or organization as part of their nine-month leadership program. With the 11th Street Bridge Park team, the ULI fellows focused on mapping strategies to develop and manage long-term affordable housing in Wards 7 and 8 through the creation of a Community Land Trust (CLT). The purpose of this mTAP was … Read More

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Kasita Tours in Navy Yard (June 22-23)

Kasita, a manufacturer of modular micro-units, is bringing one of their award-winning homes on tour to DC and we’d love for you to visit. Based out of Austin, Kasita makes high-design, modern homes that can stand alone or be stacked up for projects varying from a backyard guest house to a dense multi-story apartment building. We were just the presenting sponsor at ULI’s Spring Meeting in Detroit and had great feedback, so we’re excited to share our product with the DC ULI community. We’ll be giving tours and answering questions across … Read More

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Recruitment of Nontraditional Candidates Can Boost Industry Diversity

Panelists at the ULI Washington Trends Conference in April said having a more diverse staff benefits the bottom line and addressed some of the ways they are trying to attract talent to the industry. “If everyone around the table looks the same, it’s hard to get outside of that box,” said Jodie McLean, chief executive officer of EDENS, a real estate developer, operator, and owner. “Many people at EDENS do not have what we call the right résumé. They’re the right people.” McLean is also a ULI Governing Trustee. Julie Smith, … Read More

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Incorporating Live-Performance Spaces into Existing and New Developments

Business improvement districts (BIDs) and other stakeholders are leveraging live music performances and other activities as a draw—both to prospective commercial tenants and to residents and visitors. Participants at a recent ULI Washington panel discussed both best practices and complicating factors when adding live-performance spaces to a neighborhood. “People want live entertainment. They want culture,” said panelist Mary-Claire Burick, president of the Rosslyn BID in Arlington County, Virginia. Her organization has doubled down on live events—concerts, movie screenings, Zumba classes, and more—and is seeing results. In 2016, respondents to the … Read More

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Getting Affordable Housing Deals Done in an Uncertain Time

The demand for more affordable housing continues to rise throughout the D.C. region.  An entire toolkit of programs and mechanisms are available for affordable housing production at the local level.  Of concern are cuts at the federal level that will limit HUD money for deals and potential tax reforms.  At the recent ULI Washington Real Estate Trends Conference, Ray Skinner guided a discussion with private developers, real estate advisors and governmental officials gathered to discuss how they are creatively relying on multiple joint venture approaches, and creative financing to fill financing … Read More

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Why not grow your own food! ULI Washington Young Leaders get hands on with 11th Street Park Bridge Plots and DC Housing Authority residents

About 40 volunteers came out to build an urban farm plot, in a DC Housing Authority owned site, located near Capitol Hill. Volunteers included ULI members and their friends, 11th Street Park Bridge Plots organizers and their affiliates and some local residents. Everyone worked side-by-side. Volunteers worked hard and enjoyed each other’s company in the process. As a result, the event organizers reported that 34 raised beds were built and filled, 20 trees were planted, and about 15 of the beds with seedlings were built as well. We were happy … Read More

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Want to be a part of a ULI Washington Young Leaders Group Committee?

The ULI Washington Young Leaders Group is looking for candidates for the following committees: Community Service Education Mentorship Programs Real Estate 101 Special Events If you are interested in a committee, please fill out the application here.  Please submit this application by 6pm on Friday, June 1st in order to be considered. All applicants must be ULI Members. If you are already on a committee and wish to remain, please fill out the application to let us know of your continued interest. For more information on committees, their mission and target … Read More

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Once Again, ULI Washington Young Leaders Get their Hands Dirty with City Blossoms!

ULI flexed its muscles this past weekend, teaming up with City Blossoms to rehabilitate a garden at the Eagle Academy PCS in Southeast DC. With only three hours to complete this project, it was all hands on deck from the start as the City Blossoms team split the volunteers into a few groups, each focused on a different phase of the project. One group was responsible for removing the overgrown vegetation, another relocated the existing planter box, while the last group utilized power tools (yes, power tools) to create new … Read More

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Regional Cooperation Successes Celebrated by Coalition – 2030 Group and Partners Take Action

Bob Buchanan, leader of the 2030 Group, started the group’s third annual Roadmap event on April 30th by stating “What a difference a year makes!”  There was a feeling of excitement as the attendees celebrated the success of full funding for Metrorail in Maryland, Virginia, and DC this year, and having three sites in contention for Amazon’s HQ2 selection. ULI Washington has participated in the regional efforts over the past five years, and the positive movement is heartening and motivating. The 2030 Group is an organization of Washington Metropolitan area … Read More

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