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Release: New Report Asserts Transit Oriented Development Provides Fiscal Benefits for Local Governments

TOD Not Only “Pays its Own Way” but Subsidized nonTOD Development ULI Washington in conjunction with ULI Baltimore and the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. Transit-Oriented Development Product Council today released a new report, Fiscal Impacts of Transit-Oriented Development Projects. The study of nearly 10,000 TOD and nonTOD apartment units within the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan region concluded that transit-oriented development (TOD) is a responsible fiscal choice for local governments and can save them money. A deeper fiscal impact analysis of four selected TODs found that these developments generated between S1.13 and $2.20 in … Read More

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TOD Product Council Meeting at Silverline Center Recap

On November 2, 2016, the joint TOD Product Council met at the Silverline Center in Tysons, Virginia. The Council is composed of members from ULI Washington and ULI Baltimore and the twice yearly meetings rotate between locations in the DC and Baltimore regions. The Council meeting focused on both the public and private sector actions required to plan and implement the new development in Tysons. There are four Metro stations on the Silver Line within the Tysons area.  A new city is being built around these stations, and plans and … Read More

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Understanding the Fiscal Impacts Transit-Oriented Development in NoVA and MD Report available

A new report was prepared for the local ULI Baltimore/Washington Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Product Council titled  “Understanding the Fiscal Impacts of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Projects in Northern Virginia and Maryland.” The report was prepared by Dr. Dean Bellas, a member of the TOD council.  In this report, the socio-economic characteristics of just under 10,000 TOD and non-TOD apartment units in the Baltimore-Washington, DC metropolitan area are presented as well as the fiscal impact findings of four TOD projects on the jurisdictions where these projects are located.  The findings presented in … Read More

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