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2016 Young Leaders Group Real Estate Trends Conference Scholarships

Two scholarships were provided to two deserving applicants by the ULI Washington Young Leader Scholarship Fund to ULI Washington’s 2016 Real Estate Trends Conference.  We hope Chris Marshall and Megan Mills enjoyed the conference! Meet the impressive recipients below: Chris Marshall is currently implementing DC’s Inclusionary Zoning and Affordable Dwelling Unit programs at the DC Department of Housing and Community Development.  Through this, he monitors compliance with affordable housing regulations; partners with property managers and sales agents on lease-up and sales plans; and provides feedback on development proposals and their affordable housing offerings.  … Read More

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ULI Washington 2016 Trends: Creating the Authentic Suburb

The sharing economy is impacting suburban jurisdictions as well as more urban places. With more single use districts, less connectivity between places, and rising poverty, the suburbs are having to rethinking their futures. Ideas to create mixed use nodes with a 18-hour per day uses, focus on alternative transportation beyond highways and cars, and sustainable design and recreational amenities are all elements of making the suburbs more vibrant and economically viable. Barbara Byron, Director of Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization, moderated the discussion, and kicked-off the discussion with the … Read More

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ULI Washington Real Estate Trends 2016: Coffee, Chocolate, Beer: How to Make It in DC Recap

Beer brewed on site, local meats and cheeses on the menu, and a two hour wait on Friday and Saturday nights. While this may sound like another night in one of DC’s thriving dining corridors, this particular scene can be found in the quiet suburb of Vienna, Virginia, located in a non-descript warehouse that is tucked behind a parking lot located adjacent to a wooded bike path. Caboose Brewing Company’s Tim McLaughlin doesn’t reject real estate’s #1 rule, but he certainly suggested that when it comes to location, location, location, … Read More

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ULI Washington 2016 Trends: The Shared Economy. . . What’s Moving the Needle?

Perceptively drawing upon the insights of keynote speaker James Chung, moderator Adam Ducker of RCLCO orchestrated a panel about just how—and just how much—the emerging shared economy is transforming the commercial real estate industry. Among them, the work of the four panel participants embodies many of the master trends of real estate today: Heather Nevin, the design opportunities and constraints that new forms of collaboration offer; David Dochter, how the retail and wider for-profit real estate world is sprinting breathlessly to keep up with the pace of demographic and technological … Read More

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ULI Washington 2016 Trends: It’s Not You, It’s Not Me; Everyone Needs a Seat at the Table

The success of creating and transforming downtown DC neighborhoods has been due in part to collaboration between the public and private sectors and cooperation among property owners. Oftentimes one of these elements limits the full potential of bringing “out of the box” ideas into the built environment. This panel, moderated by Gabe Klein, author of “Start-Up City: Inspiring Private and Public Entrepreneurship, Getting Projects Done, and Having Fun” explored ways that the regulatory boundaries have been bridged. Bryan Moll, Principal at the JBG Companies began discussing two successful built projects … Read More

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ULI Washington 2016 Trends: The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate so Everyone Wins – Especially You!

Contrary to the opinion of at least one leading Presidential candidate, nice negotiators come out ahead by creating win-win deals that help build lasting relationships, said Ron Shapiro, the luncheon speaker at ULI Washington’s Real Estate Trends Conference. Now an author, speaker, and advisor, Shapiro has racked up a lifetime of experience as a top sports agent, lawyer, and businessman. With abundant enthusiasm that overcame the audience’s postprandial torpor, Shapiro said that negotiation is not – or should not be – about battle, conflict, and confrontation. “You need to take … Read More

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ULI Washington 2016 Trends: How Disruptive Innovation Changes Everything

“Disruptive innovation has nothing to do with real estate, but everything to do with the future of real estate,” said James Chung, President of Reach Advisors, waking up attendees at the opening keynote session of the ULI Washington Real Estate Trends conference. What is disruptive innovation? Chung defines this term as unexpected innovation that taps new pockets of demand. Recent examples from the world of US business include: $5 billion in retail booksellers’ shareholder value wiped out, primarily by Amazon $10 billion in video rental companies’ shareholder value and 18 … Read More

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ULI Washington 2016 Trends: Rethinking Gentrification: An Opportunity for All to Share in Economic Success

Stockton Williams briefly introduced each speaker and outlined the topic and the context of the panel by alluding to the trend of well educated higher income individual and families moving back into the City Center and specifically DC, which is unleashing and creating enormous economic benefits and revival of some city neighborhoods and simultaneously also creating pressures related to redevelopment, displacement, and deep seated racial and class based tensions talked broadly under the premise of Gentrification. The topic was discussed with the panel who are involved in the development of … Read More

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ULI Washington 2016 Real Estate Trends Conference Award Program Winners

ULI Washington announced the winners of its second annual Real Estate Trends Conference Awards Program, a conference component that highlights innovative development under way in the Metropolitan Washington Region. The six distinctive award categories recognize innovative projects, policies, and initiatives that contribute to the enhancement of vibrant neighborhoods, exemplify creative problem solving, and celebrate visionary thinking. The winners of each category are as follows: Excellence in Housing Development Atlantic Plumbing; Washington, DC Excellence in Office Development NPR; Washington, DC Excellence in Mixed-Use Development Monroe Street Market; Washington, DC Excellence in … Read More

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Advisory: 2016 Real Estate Trends Conference Final Agenda Released; Awards Finalists Announced

ULI Washington has released the final agenda for their 2016 Real Estate Trends Conference and announced the finalists for their Trends Conference Awards. Who: Urban Land Institute: Washington What: 2016 Real Estate Trends Conference Where: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC When: Wednesday, April 27th, 2016, 8:00am-6:00pm Click here to view the full agenda. Now entering its second year, the Trends Conference Awards highlight innovative development under way in the Metropolitan Washington Region. They consist of six distinctive award categories that recognize innovative … Read More

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