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ULIDC DIRT: Aging But Still Booming: Housing The Next Big Wave

By Leslie Braunstein Often overlooked by developers and planners studying the housing needs of Generation Y, the fastest-growing age group in the US is actually the one aged 65 and older, says John K. McIlwain, ULI senior resident fellow/J. Ronald Terwilliger Chair for Housing. Aging but active baby boomers, as well as the generations before them, are creating new opportunities as well as challenges for the US housing industry as it strives to meet the diverse lifestyle needs of people in various phases of their senior years, according to McIlwain, … Read More

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ULIDC Dirt: Micro-units coming to DC

ULIDC Dirt: Micro-units coming to DC By Emily Washington With New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s recent contest for micro-unit design, the trend toward tiny apartments has been making headlines. In New York, the new micro-units require a zoning variance, but here in DC the minimum unit size is just 220 square feet, allowing for the smallest of apartments. John Chappelear, Senior Vice President of Multifamily and Condo Operations at Kettler says that micro-units are beginning to appear in some of DC’s most desirable neighborhoods. Construction is currently underway at … Read More

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