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Community Forklift Volunteer Event Recap

On Saturday, April 16th, a group of ULI Young Leaders spent the day volunteering at Community Forklift in Hyattsville, MD. Community Forklift is a non-profit reuse center that provides home improvement materials, appliances, and fixtures at a low and affordable cost to the public. These materials are procured through donations of unwanted and salvaged materials throughout the entire DC metropolitan area. Community Forklift provides a range of services to the local communities by making repairs affordable to low-income families, reducing construction industry waste, promoting reuse of recycled materials, and creating green jobs. Our group helped Community Forklift with two tasks on Saturday – stripping and processing reclaimed lumber and paint recycling and processing. According to Community Forklift, the Young Leaders processed five carts’ worth of paint cans which equates to $600 in inventory and pulled nails out of $400 of lumber that can now be put out on shelves. We all had a great time helping out at their facility, and many of us hope to return both for volunteer activities and to shop for materials and homeware!


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