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Once Again, ULI Washington Young Leaders Get their Hands Dirty with City Blossoms!

ULI flexed its muscles this past weekend, teaming up with City Blossoms to rehabilitate a garden at the Eagle Academy PCS in Southeast DC. With only three hours to complete this project, it was all hands on deck from the start as the City Blossoms team split the volunteers into a few groups, each focused on a different phase of the project. One group was responsible for removing the overgrown vegetation, another relocated the existing planter box, while the last group utilized power tools (yes, power tools) to create new planter boxes and beds. Despite the assumed chaos of all the moving parts, everything aligned perfectly in the end as the entire group spent the last half hour spreading mulch in the new garden and planting flowers and vegetables. The finished product: a refurbished landscaped area at the Eagle Academy entrance and a beautiful new garden area for the children to enjoy!  All participants agreed – this awesome partnership between ULI and City Blossoms made for the prefect start to the weekend.




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