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Recap: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Career Pivots Conversation

By Kelly Whelan, Development Analyst, EYA

On an unseasonably warm November morning, an all-star panel and 55 attendees convened at ULI Washington’s DC Headquarters for WLI’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go? Strategic Career Pivots Discussion”.  Michelle Beaman Chang of imby.com, Tony Greenberg of JBG SMITH, and Roberta Liss of Cushman & Wakefield joined moderator Wendy White of Goulston & Storrs and professional career coach Charlie Jones of BIG and Truepen Coaching for a morning of honest introspection, engaging stories, and invaluable career advice.

The group discussed “inflection points” – key moments in their careers that drove them to make a decision, be it to leave or an active decision to stay.  According to Charlie, particularly important questions to ask yourself at such inflection points are (1) Is there a path to growth?, (2) Do I actually like what I’m doing day to day?, (3) Do I like the people I work with?, and (4) Am I basically fairly paid?

All panelists spoke to the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.  Roberta noted that someone who knows you well, is not afraid to tell you the truth, and is an expert in their field (not necessarily in real estate) is a fantastic resource.  Be it your own personal board of advisors, a mentor, or a peer in another industry, an honest sounding board is very valuable in navigating the twists and turns of the real estate world.  Likewise, coworkers with similar motivation and goals are an indicator that you are in a good place.

Confidence is key, as is constant reevaluation.  If feeling stuck in your career, Charlie recommends shifting from a “victim” mindset, where things happen to you, to that of a “creator”, where you’re the protagonist.  From Michelle’s recommendation to “trust your gut” to Charlie’s emphasis in becoming aware of your fears in order to overcome them, a firm belief in your own worth and abilities is a strong tenant among the successful.  Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

For more engaging conversation, join us at the next ULI Washington WLI Event: Satisfied at Work? A Career Happiness Workshop to Help you Dig Deeper for Greater Impact and Personal Fulfillment.

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