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‘Union Market Talks’ Event Brings Together City and Business Leaders

On April 11, Senior Resident Fellow Tom Murphy, former Mayor of Pittsburgh, participated in an event called Union Market Talks at Union Market’s Dock 5.  The Talk was an opportunity to talk about inclusive prosperity in an open forum, and included a presentation from Richard Florida to celebrate the launch of his new book, The New Urban Crisis. 

Besides Murphy and Florida, speakers included Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel BowserThe Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein, Economic Innovation Group’s Steve Glickman, EDENS’ CEO Jodie W. McLean, and CityLab’s Rob Bole.

The program began with the first public discussion of the New Urban Crisis between author Florida and The Atlantic’s Brownstein. “We need to shift more power to the cities and public and private partners need to work together, now more than ever, to tackle our inequality and geographic divides to create a better way of life for all.”  Following panels included robust discussions exploring the purpose and impact of inclusive prosperity in growing cities like Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Detroit. “Access to opportunity is the key to inclusivity,” explained EIG’s Glickman. D.C. Mayor Bowser closed out the day’s program stating, “to be inclusive we have to increase the incomes of local residents, we have to make affordability in housing a focus for everybody, and we have to be aggressive in holding everybody accountable.”

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