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Innovation Update: Smartsite

Description of SmartSite
SmartSite LLC is a small, rapidly growing company founded in 2008 – providing construction management and related products and services supporting residential site/lot development (i.e. earthwork, paving, and utilities infrastructure).

Started by entrepreneurs Frank Duduk and Pat Hobbs, SmartSite has operated from the beginning and grown adhering the principals of the “Triple Bottom Line” (or 3 P’s – People, Planet, Profit) – a framework where social (People) and environmental (Planet) performance are central considerations in addition to the traditional financial performance (Profit) measures. In today’s world all successful companies must consider and balance social and environmental parameters in their planning and operations. SmartSite takes this a step further by focusing on means, methods, products and services that deliver beyond strict regulatory and professional industry practices/requirements.

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Technology innovation and adaptation of Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) and Virtual Development Modeling (VDM) into new/improved business processes has been another central element of the Company’s notoriety and success – delivering verified customer savings of 10-25%. Leveraging substantial improvements in data availability and accuracy, SmartSite delivers unparalleled performance and value at every step of the design/build process: Pre-construction Value Engineering  Procurement  Near-real-time Progress Tracking and Reporting. Progress reporting is world-class!

SS Drone photoWhy is it transformative in real estate
Every industry in the United States, excluding agriculture, has gained productivity by at least 60% since 1960 except for construction. Construction since 1960 has actually moved backwards in productivity which is a huge problem that needs to be solved in the ever-advancing world of 2016. Construction delays lead to monetary loss, traffic problems, and finished products that cause problems that generations from now will have to solve.

SurveySmartSite provides clients with services that can streamline land development projects, assign accountability to contractors, and generating a budget that is reliable. By providing the client with an accurate budget, we are able to finish projects on budget if not below budget, which addresses the major issue of wasting money in the land development/ construction industry. The land development/ construction industry Needs to increase productivity otherwise there will be no progression in the industry; SmartSite is the key to the progression of the land development/ construction industry. Any and all savings during land development directly affect the real estate industry which can be translated into; “SmartSite addresses the problem at the root.”

Contact Information
Zachary Trout


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