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Innovation Update: Colliers International Accelerate Program

Accelerate Descriptions:
Colliers International has launched its Accelerate Program, a comprehensive, two-year training program in the Washington, DC region.  The only commercial real estate training program of its kind in the area, this training gives young brokers the opportunity to gain the experience, knowledge, and mentorship to fast track their careers.  Colliers first introduced the program in 2013 in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada and then in 2015 launched in in New York and Los Angeles.

Why it is transformative for the real estate industry:
Accelerate turns the traditional apprenticeship program on its ear.  Typically, young brokers are paired with a more experienced broker where they spend much of their time doing grunt work like fetching coffee or data entry.  It can be a slow process for them to build a business, sometimes taking years.   In the Accelerate program, they learn how to create relationships to nurture a thriving business, cutting the time to successful brokers nearly in half.

The program includes formal classroom instruction, online training, and on-the-job training. The first three to 6 months’ focuses on prospecting, the next 8 to 12 months’ focuses on securing meetings and conducting tours and the final stretch, months 18-24, concentrate on full deals and managing client relationships.

While the program in the US is still too new to have year-over-year metrics, early indications from the Los Angeles program show that the brokers are already earning more than their draw.

The inaugural Washington, DC class, represents some of the best and brightest.  Competition for the nine spots was stiff.  The class includes people from around the country hailing from Texas to New York.  Eight of the participants have graduated from college within the past two years, and one comes with several years of post-college work experience.

With the launch of Accelerate, Colliers is investing heavily in developing the next generation of commercial real estate brokers who will fuel the firm’s growth.

Contact information:
Tanisha Dozier
VP Strategic Projects
Tanisha.dozier @colliers.com


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