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Innovation Update: Aquicore

Aquicore, a leader in real-time data collection and analytics for commercial real-estate, secured $5 million in Series A funding led by Kiddar Capital, a forerunner in smart city venture capital, with Navitas Capital, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm focused on real estate, and intelligent building solutions.

Aquicore offers owners and operators of commercial portfolios a powerful and flexible platform to deploy, collect and analyze real-time electricity, water, and gas data with unprecedented ease.


Description of Innovation
Aquicore offers comprehensive energy analytics and automation solutions for commercial real estate, with a vision for better building economics and sustainable portfolios. An emerging leader for uniting the connected environment, Aquicore delivers an integrated, full-stack building portfolio solution that enables rapid deployment, flexibility and scalability to fit the needs of each customer.

The solution offers whole building metering, as well as space and equipment submetering, to deliver real-time energy analytics on electricity, water, and gas to both optimize building consumption and automate utility bill back.

Aquicore has a particular focus on delivering quality data to its customers through its end-to-end solution that includes hardware and installation.

“It is important that we collect and aggregate data that actually reflects reality; retrieving high-quality data can be harder to collect than it seems. Aquicore is not only delivering a best-in-class platform for energy management, but also takes care of the entire hardware delivery process, from scoping buildings to installing and connecting meters. We make metering a breeze for our customers by being a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all of their needs,” said Logan Soya, Aquicore’s Founder & CEO.

Why is it transformative to the Real Estate Industry?
Buildings consume 41% of energy in the US, and the EPA estimates that 30% of this energy is wasted. Part of the problem is the difficulty in retrieving utility data. To get any sort of utility data, most buildings require engineers to put any pressing issues on hold and walk the building with a clipboard to read all of their meters manually. Aquicore is working to solve this problem.

Properties and facilities need a flexible and scalable solution that helps maximize the value of portfolios while eliminating energy waste.  Aquicore compiles real-time data from buildings through meters and submeters on a centralized platform to deliver actionable business intelligence to building managers and operators, empowering them to make fast and efficient decisions to continuously create value.

Aquicore Experts Identify the Best Way to Collect the Data You Need // Meter Scoping

With Aquicore, customers can take advantage of existing meters or install new ones. Aquicore’s team of metering experts determines which existing meters can be connected to its software and handles the installation of any new meters.

Eliminate the Need For Multiple Vendors // Meters & Installation

Never manage multiple contractors again. Aquicore will manage the sourcing and installation for new meters and light up existing meters with minimal on-site presence.

Guarantee That Your Data is Accurately Mapped // Software Configuration

The Aquicore team will configure and map out your building’s data collectors in our platform to ensure 100% accuracy and rapid time-to-value.

Expert-Ensured Data Quality // Commissioning

Aquicore’s team of meter experts will commission the installation remotely to ensure accurate meter data.

Contact Information
Anna Buglaeva

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