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Innovation Update: CivicViz

Description of CivicViz
CivicViz is a web-based community engagement platform that helps land use and development groups obtain and examine community input through online surveys. The service lets developers poll the community about a proposed development and use the results to support their project applications.

graph-overlayFor any instance where community input is sought, the CivicViz platform creates a project website that features any supporting documents and images for the community to review. Community members then take a survey and the results are mapped based on the respondent’s address. With the survey results, reports can be customized based on the entire survey, specific questions, or geographic areas such as municipal boundaries, census tracts, or uploaded shape files. These reports have been successfully used to expedite public approvals, influence decision makers and elected officials, inform designs, and return to the public for further discussion. Survey results can also be used for market research and demand forecasting.

Why is it transformative to real estate
CivicViz democratizes the public outreach process for new developments. All too often, a small and motivated cohort of neighbors can derail an otherwise popular development by speaking at public hearings. While much of the community might not be able to attend a community meeting, their views about a proposed development ought to be considered alongside the voices of those who are physically present at a meeting. In many cases, projects where a public hearing might receive ten of fewer members of the community, CivicViz’s survey have been able to garner hundreds of responses that can guide and support proposed development.

civicViz-laptopCivicViz shows community opinion by geocoding respondents’ address with their answers to a survey about a proposed development. The development team may discover, for example, that their proposal meets opposition ardent, vocal opposition from just a small area but receives overwhelming support in the rest of the community. CivicViz helps highlight those community opinions prior to public approvals so that real estate professionals can demonstrate community support or make informed plan changes prior to municipal approval.

To learn more, visit www.CivicViz.com.

David Ben
Business Development Manager


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