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2017-2018 ULI Washington Young Leaders Group Mentorship Program – Tour of the Wharf by Madison Marquette CIO David Brainerd

David Brainerd, CIO of Madison Marquette and retail/commercial partner of PN Hoffman, took 75 ULI Washington Young Leaders/Mentees on a two-hour tour of The Wharf  December of last year. David presented the trendy restaurants along the Waterfront Promenade,  entertainment attractions such as the industrial chic  Anthem rock concert hall,  and a review of the waterfront park,   ice skating rink, marina, water taxis and kayaks.  David explained The Wharf’s development required an “Act of Congress”, and had to clarify to the Young Leaders he meant this literally, not as a developer metaphor for difficulty.

Also visited were the uniquely positioned Vio, Channel, and Incanto residential developments offering iconic views of the historic Washington Channel and national monuments.  Plus the various hotel products targeted to a mix of business and DC tourist lodgers,  and  next generation office towers offering 20,000 foot floorplates,   10’ ceilings, huge 30’ x 30’ grids, and the latest in  water and energy efficiency.

David pointed out that The Wharf offered a “collection” of individually prominent buildings, but that followed an overarching urban design theme.  He also showed us the model for an even more ambitious second phase.

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