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YLG Mentorship Program in Action: Federal Office Building #8 Construction Tour

By Derek Meyers

Boggs and Partners Architects and Turner Construction gave about fifteen ULI Young Leader Group members a close look at their operations during an afternoon tour of Federal Office Building #8 on 15 January.

The construction tour, arranged by mentor John Sadlik of First Potomac Realty, included a walk of the 550,000 SF building which will turnover for occupancy in a few weeks.

The project is a Class A renovation of a 1961 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laboratory building to accommodate 2,000 Department of Health and Human Services, and House of Representatives personnel.  Located one block from the National Mall, the building is comprised of eight levels: a basement, ground level and six additional stories.

Renovation provides natural day lighting with two large atriums, glass curtain walls and projected window bays on the north and south facades.  The newly constructed blast-resistant glass pavilion provides a modern secured entrance to meet minimum anti-terrorism standards.

Interior spaces are designed with modular equipment to ease turnover occupancy by new members of Congress.   The architect also reserved corner and window spaces to maintain views of the U.S. Capitol and adjacent federal buildings.

To support LEED certification, highly efficient MEP systems were installed including a highly efficient chilled water plant and energy recovery dedicated outdoor air system.

The building is also a 2013 Craftsmanship Award winner by the Washington Building Congress.


The group was joined by two other mentor groups led by: Akridge’s Bob Schofield, as well as JBG’s Tony Greenberg.



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  1. Lilah says:

    Looks like a much needed building renovation and looking forward to its completion.

    Alert Building Systems

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