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Peer Exchange Group Program (PEG) Kickoff a Success

In mid-February, ULI Washington began a new program of Peer Exchange Groups (PEGs) to create opportunities for more meaningful networking among our members. A Peer Exchange Group (PEG) is a unique opportunity to make meaningful connections with real estate professionals like yourself. Each PEG is composed of 8-10 non-competing members who all commit to a shared set of meeting processes and language protocols. The experience provides a safe haven where individuals faced with similar personal and professional challenges gather to share experiences and consult each other in absolute confidence. In a PEG, everyone is heard and everyone learns from the experience. PEG members help each other navigate through business and life.

peg-3Twenty-four ULI members were divided into three groups of eight members each attended a one-day orientation to begin the PEG process. ULI is committed to providing members with tools and knowledge to be successful in their careers and lives. Through the PEG groups, members will find a deeper level of connection with a small group of peers who will support each other in personal and professional growth.

peg-1The participants were chosen through an application process.  After the orientation, groups will be meeting regularly over the course of the next year.  The groups are autonomous and set their own meeting locations and dates, and they will all follow the program guidelines shared with them at the orientation. These guidelines lay out group parameters for confidentiality, trust building, and meeting tools and protocols.  These three initial groups are a pilot program with potential for creating additional groups next year, depending on the success of the pilot groups.  Each participant committed to being an active member of their group for a minimum of one year.


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