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RELEASE: Survey of Millennials Inside the Belltway Report Released by ULI Washington

ULI Washington released a survey report titled Millennials Inside the Beltway: Committed Urbanists.  This report was discussed at an event in early November by a panel of Millennials who discussed their lifestyle choices and their experience living in the Washington, DC region.  Copies of the report are now available at this link.

The survey reports on the ULI Washington update of its survey of Millennials living inside the Beltway that was originally conducted in 2015.  The question this time is:  how much difference does three years make in the lifestyles and attitudes of Washington’s Millennial residents?  The answer is:  surprisingly little.  Yes, they are older; yes, a higher share is married or partnered; and yes, homeownership is up.  However, the District of Columbia and the suburbs inside the Beltway are not at imminent risk of losing their Millennials:  one-half of our survey respondents “love D.C. and plan to stay forever.”  Those in their mid-to-late-30s are even more likely to remain.


The survey presents a comprehensive view of Millennials living within the Beltway, their housing circumstances, and their attitudes towards living in the District and its adjacent suburbs.  Of the 1,369 respondents, 62% live in the District of Columbia and 38% are in selected Virginia and Maryland zip codes inside the Beltway.  This is a “survey of the willing” rather than a representative sample of 23-40-year-olds dwelling inside the Beltway.  Though not statistically representative, the survey results are both intuitively credible and in sync with the 2015 findings.


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