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ULI Washington Member Survey Results

Last month, ULI Washington distributed a survey to its 2,100 members.  Over 260 responses were received.  The responses provided excellent input for understanding the experience of the members.  Thirty two percent of the respondents were women and 48 percent were under 35 years old.


A thorough analysis of the survey will be shared with members next month; below are selected results from the survey:


  • When asked how satisfied they are with the benefits received through their ULI membership, 36% said they were highly satisfied and 60% expressed satisfaction.


  • Twenty four percent of respondents said they attended seven or more events per year.


  • Ninety-six percent of respondents said they thought that ULI Washington achieves its mission of providing leadership and having impact on policies related to the responsible use of land.


Congratulations to our randomly selected participants on winning the prize of their choice.  The Convivial gift certificate was given to Matthew Brassard, Executive Project Manager at Nitsch Engineering.  Michelle Winters, Executive Director, Alliance for Housing Solutions, was selected to receive the quadcopter drone.  Congratulations to Matthew and Michelle, and a big thank you to everyone who completed the survey.


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