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Sustainability Series: Beyond LEED – Nut and Bolts of Sustainability Panel Recap

By Leslie Braunstein
April 25, 2012

In the second session of ULI Washington’s sustainability series, held on April 24, Greg Kats of Capital-E and Adam Giambrone, former chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, provided different perspectives on the “nuts and bolts” of sustainability. Kats pointed out that the US is making a major transition to the use of renewable energy, which now accounts for nearly 40 percent of all new US electric generating capacity. He noted that there are many new technologies available to increase building energy efficiency  – from window glass that keeps out 98 percent of summer heat to software that helps buildings reduce peak load use. Although many Americans and political leaders continue to deny the realities of climate change, he said, environmentalists can and should spread the word about sustainable technology and its benefits through the use of social media. Meanwhile, across the northern border in Toronto, leaders are preparing for the city – already the country’s largest – to house millions more residents with no new roads. Instead, Toronto is further developing its massive transit system with a combination of subway, heavy rail, light rail, and bus modes. The central idea, said Giambrone, is that “no one should be disadvantaged by not owning a car.”

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