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ULI, with COG, Accepting applications for Technical Assistance Panels

From Feb. 1 – Apr. 2, ULI Washington will be accepting applications to conduct Technical Assistance Panels in COG-Designated Activity Centers.

Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) are one of ULI Washington’s signature programs, where a panel of 10-12 senior-level experts work over a concentrated timeline to evaluate and provide market-based feedback on a local development or land use challenge. Panelists are selected from over 2,200 ULI Washington members in the Metropolitan Washington Area based on needed skillsets and expertise to address the problem at hand. Panel member expertise typically includes developers, property owners/managers, investors, designers, planners, engineers, market and financial analysts, as well as members of the public sector. The panel takes place over 1.5 days, with a report of recommendations completed thereafter.

Through a strategic partnership, ULI Washington and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) will select and  deliver TAPs focused on identifying priority, catalytic strategies to maximize the impacts of investments in COG-designated Activity Centers. The panel takes place over 1.5 days, with a report of recommendations completed thereafter.

Applications are now available! Deadline for submission is April 2nd by 4pm. 

NEW THIS YEAR: ULI is invested in holding a follow-up session for each selected TAP that will focus on implementation and next steps. These follow-up sessions may be scheduled with ULI up to one year after the TAP’s conclusion.

Additionally, for those sponsors who are selected, ULI Washington will offer a one-year complimentary Public Agency Membership Package to ULI. Of note, this membership package includes:

  • One full membership and two associate memberships;
  • Allows memberships to be transferred to other employees within the Public Agency;
  • Should you wish to add additional individuals as members, ULI can offer a reduced rate of $100 under this membership package.

Find out more about the specifics of what this package offers by visiting http://uli.org/membership/join/. 

More information on the strategic partnership between ULI and COG is available here.

Examples of previous TAPs conducted through this partnership are available here.

Questions may be directed to Deborah Kerson Bilek at ULI Washington, deborah.bilek@uli.org.

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