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ULI Washington 2015 Trends: Regional Leaders Search for Common Solutions

New restaurant scenes and town centers, highly amenitized multifamily rental projects, flocking Millenials,
coworking spaces, innovative startups, biotech, cyber are some of the buzzwords floating around our region.
The Washington, D.C. region is facing unprecedented challenges to its economy as the federal government
retrenches, office space per worker shrinks, and our labor force takes on different characteristics. What do
leaders in the region think? How are they preparing for the opportunities and challenges ahead, and how
might they work together to achieve regional goals for future prosperity.

• Jennifer Bradley, Founding Director, Aspen Institute Center for Urban Innovation
• Isiah Leggett, County Executive, Montgomery County
• Jay Fisette, Member, Arlington County Board
• Rushern Baker, County Executive, Prince George’s County

See panel video below:

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