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Making Great Places Through Public Private Partnerships Recap

By Vikki Kayne
April 23, 2012

Daniel Biederman, President, Bryant Park Corporation, NYC
Caroline Cunningham, President, Trust for the National Mall

Public Private Partnerships are key to a successful revitalization and activation of aging public park spaces.  Dan Biederman discussed the winning principles of developing the successful Bryant Park in New York City and stressed there does not need to be a sole reliance on public money.  Through revenue generating sponsorships and events, Bryant Park is a leading example of how public private partnerships can improve our cities.  Caroline faces a tougher challenge with a lack of office users surrounding the National Mall as well as the unique challenges of balancing the interests of several agencies involved in the national icon.  The Trust for the National Mall is aiming to raise $350 million, roughly half of the overall investment needed.  Dan’s tip for a sign of a successful revitalization is, “over 50% of female users and lots of strollers”.

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