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UrbanPlan New Volunteer Training

  •  Looking      for opportunities to enhance your ULI membership?
  • Interested in planning, development, and education?
  • Want to make a difference in the      lives of students in our region?

What is UrbanPlan?
UrbanPlan is a realistic, engaging, and academically challenging classroom-based, Web-supported program in which students learn the roles, issues, trade-offs, and economics involved in urban development.  Student learning is multidisciplinary, through role-play, experiential-learning, and real-world homework assignments.  UrbanPlan provides our future voters, neighbors, and land use professionals with a hands-on experience in developing realistic land use solutions to vexing growth challenges.

What’s the benefit to getting involved?
Working with UrbanPlan is one of the most rewarding experiences for ULI members at the local level.  Volunteering to serve as a guest “facilitator” or “city council member” gives members from every professional discipline the opportunity to give back to their community at a level of involvement to which they can realistically commit.  Both high school and university programs take place throughout the year in varied locations including Arlington, Bethesda, Rockville, and D.C. 

How do I volunteer?
In order to serve as a classroom volunteer, members must first participate in a half-day training session, where they are assigned roles in the development team and engage in a “lightning-round” version of the exercise. Once training is complete, ULI staff will be in touch with volunteers at various points throughout the year with volunteer opportunities, which range from 1-3 hours.  There is no minimum or maximum requirement for volunteers to serve throughout the year.

Where and when is the training being held?
The training is scheduled for May 1 from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. at ULI headquarters in Georgetown: 1025 Thomas Jefferson Street, Suite 500W.  The training will be followed by a happy hour at a nearby restaurant, where you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with seasoned Urban Plan Volunteers, become acquainted with members of the Urban Plan committee, and meet ULI staff.

To sign up for the upcoming training session, send an email on or before Friday, April 18 to:
Cher Keen
Administrative Assistant, ULI Washington
(240) 497-1919 

For more information about Urban Plancontact:
Deborah Kerson Bilek
Director of Community Outreach, ULI Washington


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