Initiative Councils

The ULI Washington Initiative Council is modeled after the national ULI Product Councils. Initiative Councils play a key role in ULI’s mission of providing leadership in the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. ULI Initiative Councils play a critical role in building a peer network of members interested in specific topics and educating members on current polices and best practices associated with the topic. Candid discussion is a ULI hallmark of these groups.

Initiative Councils

ULI Washington Initiative Councils:

Applications for council membership for 2018-2019 have now closed. 

ULI Washington has five Initiative Councils (affinity groups) organized around topic areas. These Councils bring together members on a regular basis in an intimate setting to discuss issues of mutual interest. The five Councils at ULI Washington are:

  • Regional Initiatives Council
  • Housing Initiative Council
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Initiative Council (with ULI Baltimore)
  • Sustainability Initiative Council
  • Placemaking Initiative Council

Additional details are noted on the application, including Council mission, frequency of meetings, and cost. By joining a Council you commit to attending all meetings and actively participating in the Council.             

The Housing Initiative Council focuses on the supply and demand of housing and what public and private policies and best practices are in the housing arena. FY19 Co-Chairs: Hilary Chapman and Maryjane King. Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (2 hours). Cost:  $100 Private Sector; $50 Public Sector. Staff Contact: Deborah Kerson Bilek

The Placemaking Initiative Council provides a forum where public and private sectors can share best practices in urban design, mixed-use development, and planning. The mission of the Placemaking Council is to provide a forum where the public and private sectors come together to share best practices in land use planning, urban design, and mixed use development to create and implement temporary and permanent placemaking projects. The underlying premise is that great places, whether urban or suburban, encourage inclusive social interaction, pride of place, comfortable living and working environments as well as being great stages for all manner of human activities. FY19 Co-Chairs:  Robert Atkinson and Tanya Stern.  Meeting Frequency:  Quarterly (2 hours).  Cost:  $100 Private Sector; $50 Public Sector. Staff Contact:  Lisa Rother.

The Regional Initiatives Council works to build “regionalism” and enhance partnerships with other regional organizations, business leaders, cities and counties in order to pursue strategies that will ensure future economic growth and stability. FY19 Co-Chairs: Emeka Moneme and Shyam Kannan. Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (2 hours). Cost: $100 Private Sector; $50 Public Sector. Staff Contact: Deborah Kerson Bilek.

The Sustainability Initiative Council focuses on bringing together land use industry leaders to discuss the broader definition of sustainability, be forward-thinking (not technical in nature), and build the business case for sustainability. FY19 Co-Chairs: Scott Brideau and Brad Dockser. Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (2 hours). Cost: $100 Private Sector; $50 Public Sector. Staff Contact: Becca Hertz.

The Transit Oriented Development Council brings ULI Washington and ULI Baltimore industry leaders together to talk about shared regional transportation and land use challenges. FY19 Co-Chairs: Donna Shafer Meeting Frequency: Bi-Annual (Full Day). Staff Contact: Lisa Rother.

ULI Washington Initiative Council Staff

Becca Hertz

ULI Washington


(240) 497-1919

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Deborah K. Bilek

ULI Washington

Senior Director of Community Outreach

(240) 497-0550

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Lisa Rother

ULI Washington

Executive Director

(240) 497-0009

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