Fairfax County, Virginia
Montgomery County, Maryland

Regional Fellows Program

The mission of the Regional Fellows Program is to empower public sector leaders in the Metropolitan Washington Region to build and sustain successful 21st Century communities by providing access to information, best practices, peer networks and other resources to foster creative, efficient, and sustainable land use practices.

Regional Fellows Program

ULI Washington has selected three jurisdictions in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region to participate in the pilot year of the program – Montgomery County, Maryland; Fairfax County, Virginia; and the City of Alexandria, Virginia. Four fellows and a program coordinator from each jurisdiction will participate in the yearlong program, which kicked off with an all-day meeting February 2 at ULI headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The Regional Fellows program is intended to create an open atmosphere of learning, trust, and honest exchanges as each team receives guidance on a specific land use challenge and gets the opportunity to offer feedback and advice to peers and build relationships that continue long after the fellowship period concludes later this year.

Each fellowship team is composed of an honorary fellow – an elected or appointed chief executive who will serve as the symbolic head of each team; three senior leaders in planning, economic development, or transportation, who will be actively engaged in the program; and a program coordinator – a midlevel career official who will support the fellows and manage their work.  A full list of participants is available in our Regional Fellows Directory.

Questions about this program may be directed to Deborah Kerson Bilek at deborah.bilek@uli.org

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Regional Fellow Chairs

Anthony Chang

Washington Real Estate Investment Trust


(202) 463-2100

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John Coe

Coe Enterprises


(202) 642-1670

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Evan Goldman




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Deborah K. Bilek

ULI Washington

Senior Director of Community Outreach


(240) 497-0550

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Susan Ingraham-Bell

Arlington County (retired)


(703) 980-6103