Technical Assistance Panels

Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) provide expert, multidisciplinary advice to public agencies and non-profit organizations facing complex land use and real estate issues in the Washington metropolitan area. Drawing from ULI Washington’s extensive membership base, which includes the region’s most experienced and prestigious real estate professionals, panels to offer objective and responsible advice on a wide variety of land use and real estate issues ranging from site-specific projects to public policy questions.


Technical Assistance Panels

How does a TAP work?

Through the TAP program, ULI Washington is able to deliver honest, unbiased answers to land use and real estate questions that defy easy solutions. The TAP program is intentionally flexible to provide sponsoring organizations a customized approach to addressing specific local issues. The TAP program can help to address a broad range of issues by:

  • Evaluating growth issues including economics and management;
  • Analyzing the re-use potential of existing properties;
  • Identifying key economic and land use issues relating to public/private land use situations;
  • Evaluating specific development and land proposals or issues;
  • Providing a market-based analysis of a local plan or development strategy; and
  • Making targeted recommendations on maximizing the impact of public investments, phasing redevelopment, implementing local plans, etc.

Who are the panelists?

Panelists are selected from the over 2,200 ULI members in the Washington District Council based on the specific nature of each assignment. Depending on the issues being tackled, panel member expertise includes developers and owners, investors, designers, planners, engineers, market and financial analysts, as well as members of the public sector. The multidisciplinary nature of the TAP approach typically results in an innovative set of recommendations for the site.

What are the deliverables?

Findings are delivered in a PowerPoint presentation at the end of each 1.5 day-long panel, along with a final report of recommendations. Click here to view ULI Washington’s past TAP reports.

How much will it cost?

ULI Washington charges an all-inclusive fee of $25,000 per TAP.

What is the application process?

Sponsors can apply to the TAP program at any time. After reviewing an application, ULI staff and members of the TAP committee will arrange a site visit in order to explore the area and better understand the panel’s assignment. Decisions on whether the committee can accept the panel assignment will be determined shortly after the initial meeting.

TAP Committee Co-Chairs

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TAP Committee Chair

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TAP Committee Vice Chair

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