Women’s Leadership Initiative

Formally launched in Charlotte at the ULI 2012 Spring Meeting, the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) was formed in late 2010 and is now an active part of ULI’s Larson Leadership Initiative. Started in the fall of 2013, ULI Washington is excited to welcome the WLI to our District Council.


Women’s Leadership Initiative

Supporting the WLI Mission, WLI Washington will promote the following themes in all of its initiative:

  • Leadership Education
  • Meaningful Relationship Building
  • Raising the profile of Women at ULI Washington and other industry events

WLI Washington will include:

  • Leadership education series of events focused on providing tactics, tools and skills needed for advancement into leadership roles.
  • Meaningful networking and relationship building series of events programmed around fun and interesting activities while providing opportunities for women in the industry to build relationships with one another.
  • Signature series of events held at noteworthy venues and featuring presentations / keynote speakers relevant for personal and professional growth and development

To find out more about WLI and to get involved, please contact ULI Washington.

To learn more about the National Women’s Leadership Initiative, click here.

Link to WLI event Recaps

WLI Chair

Tamar Shoham


Women's Leadership Initiative Chair


ULI Washington Staff

Lisa Rother

ULI Washington

Executive Director


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