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Event Recap: Entrepreneurship 101: Started at the Bottom, Now We’re Here.

On June 26, 2017, ULI’s Real Estate 101 Young Leader’s Group hosted a dynamic panel discussion consisting of three real estate entrepreneurs at varying stages in their careers. The speakers included:

  • John Shooshan, CEO and President of the Shooshan Company
  • Andrew Rubin, Principal of the Rubin Group
  • Paul Grayson, Principal at Beckham-Gumbin Ventures

The discussion was moderated by John Shooshan, who started his own development company more than three decades ago. John was accompanied by two younger developers, Andrew Rubin and Paul Grayson, who left larger firms to start their own companies. All three of the speakers provided insightful feedback, starting with how and why they decided to chart their own respective paths. Additionally, Andrew and Paul discussed the capital events that helped them build what their companies are today, as well as their first deal.

entre-101-2There was an energetic Q&A session following the discussion where the audience asked the speakers about their interests, morning routines, company goals, and how they sourced deals and continued to raise capital.  The majority of the questions were from audience members that wanted to learn how they too could be entrepreneurs and potentially start their own company. Overall, attendees learned how three individuals rose to their entrepreneurial success and received advice on acquiring capital in the early days, finding a first deal, building a team, and growing deals into a successful company.  Those who attended ‘Real Estate Entrepreneurship 101: Started at the Bottom, Now We’re Here’ not only walked out with a better understanding of how to start one’s own real estate company but also learned key tips on succeeding in today’s market.

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