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  • Technical Assistance Panels in Activity Centers

    Through a strategic partnership, ULI Washington and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) will deliver three TAPs in 2016 focused on identifying priority, catalytic strategies to maximize the impacts of investments in COG-designated Activity Centers. The panel takes place over 1.5 days, with a report of recommendations completed thereafter. … Read More

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ULI Washington News

Panel Recommends Redevelopment Options for…


ULI Washington recently released a Technical Assistance Panel Report, titled “Connections and Community: Knitting Together La Plata’s Center,” which recommended a host of strategies aimed at spurring and enhancing redevelopment in downtown La Plata. Located in Charles County, La Plata, is one of the Metropolitan … Read More

Release: New Report Proposes Redevelopment…

A new Technical Assistance Panel – or TAP – report sponsored by the La Plata Town Center Corporation (LPTCC) and released by ULI Washington has concluded that downtown La Plata is poised for change and recommended a host of strategies aimed at spurring and enhancing … Read More

Recap- WLI Guided Rum Tasting


ULI members braved the record breaking heat on Wednesday, August 10th to network and enjoy an exclusive members-only summer rum tasting at Archipelago, a tiki bar on U Street.  Archipelago is owned by local bartender Owen Thomson (formerly of Bar Pilar and Rose’s Luxury) and … Read More

Release: New Report Recommends Broad Strategy…

A new Technical Assistance Panel – or TAP – report sponsored by the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee and released by ULI Washington has recommended broad strategies for branding the Pike District. The report, titled “Identifying and Branding the Pike District,” documents the findings of … Read More