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ULI Washington, a District Council of the Urban Land Institute, is ULI at the local level. As a ULI member, you have many opportunities to get involved in leadership development, community service, and enhancement of land use policy and practice, as well as support activities for the functioning of the Washington District Council such as membership or sponsorship.


Get Involved


The applications for ULI Washington Committees and Initiative Councils have now closed for 2018-2019

Apply for Committee

The district council is seeking members to get involved in our standing committees for the FY2017-2018 program year.  The mission of each committee is described on the application that can be found by clicking the APPLY NOW button below.  Committee commitments begin in the Fall, and are generally one year in length. Committee options range from planning events (Trends Committee) to helping attract and retain members (Membership Committee). We encourage people to join the Sponsorship Committee to take on the important role of reaching out to and securing sponsors to support the work of the district council.

Apply for Councils– 

ULI Washington has five Initiative Councils (affinity groups) organized around topic areas. These Councils bring together members on a regular basis in an intimate setting to discuss issues of mutual interest. The five Councils at ULI Washington are:

  • Regional Initiatives Council
  • Housing Initiative Council
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Initiative Council (with ULI Baltimore)
  • Sustainability Initiative Council
  • Placemaking Initiative Council

Additional details are noted on the application, including Council mission, frequency of meetings, and cost. By joining a Council you commit to attending all meetings and actively participating in the Council.

If you are interested in the sustainable growth and development of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, ULI Washington is for you. ULI is a nonprofit research and education organization supported by its members. Founded in 1936, the Institute now has over 40,000 members in 95 countries, representing the entire spectrum of land use and real estate development disciplines working in private enterprise and public service – including leading property owners, investors, advisors, developers, architects, lawyers, lenders, planners, regulators, contractors, engineers, university professors, librarians, students, and interns. ULI Washington is one of ULI’s largest District Councils worldwide, with over 2,000 members. We welcome membership and participation from all types of organizations, both private and public, who share our commitment to responsible land use to sustain the growth and prosperity of the National Capital region.

ULI  Washington has a variety of  committees, composed of volunteer ULI  members that form the backbone of the ULI Washington organization. Committees generally consist of members who have attended events, work for companies that are corporate and or/event sponsors, and take an active interest in specific aspects of ULI Washington and the operation of the district council.

Committees are formed at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1) for the following program year. It is the goal of ULI Washington to have diverse membership on the committees with representatives of all industry sectors, and with seasoned real estate professionals as well as Young Leaders from the public and private sector.

If you are interested in serving on a committee at a time during the year besides the beginning of the fiscal year, please contact Lisa Rother, Executive Director and she will work with you to ascertain whether there is a position available on the Committee on which you are interested in serving.