Seeking a new Executive Director

ULI Washington is Seeking new Executive Director. Read a message from Chair Yolanda Cole

About ULI Washington

Here at the Urban Land Institute our mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities. ULI Washington carries forth that mission by serving the Washington region, in both public and private sectors, with pragmatic land use expertise and education.

ULI Washington has the third largest membership in the Urban Land Institute network with a little over 2100 members in the Washington region including the surrounding counties in Maryland and Virginia. Our members are involved in all aspects of the development and city planning process – private, public, and non-profit. LEARN MORE ABOUT ULI WASHINGTON


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ULI Washington

  • ULI Washington recently completed a report titled “Increasing Housing Supply and Attainability – Improving Rules & Engagement to Build More Housing.”  The report is the result of a research and outreach effort that included focus groups, surveys, and interviews with those involved with the entitlement and citizen participation process.  An Impact Task Force was instrumental in choosing the focus of the research – to examine two critical factors that affect the speed and certainty of the development process:  navigating the local regulatory and approval process and gaining community acceptance of development projects.  The report is intended to serve as a conversation starter to advance the practices of approving entitlements and enhancing the scope of inclusiveness of community participation in the process.  The district council and Impact Task Force look forward to talking about the issues raised in the report with developers, public agencies, elected officials and citizens, with the goal of keeping our region economically competitive while providing housing for all.

    To view report Click here.

  • ULI Washington District Chair  (Yolanda Cole – Hickok Cole) and ULI Washington District Vice Chair (Jamie Weinbaum – Mid-City) at the last Advisory Board Dinner of 2019.

  • ULI Washington: The Making of a Museum – Spying on the SW DC Transformation

    Following the building tours of the new International Spy Museum, a panel discussion held at JBGS’s recently delivered 500 L’Enfant Plaza office building on the museum’s development process and its integration into the L’Enfant Plaza neighborhood.