ULI Washington Presents: The Future of Data Centers- Is it Sustainable?


Thursday, November 5th, 2020
11:30am - 12:45pm EST




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Over the past decade, Loudoun County, VA has emerged as the pioneer in data center development, with 47% of the U.S. market. The pandemic has only accelerated this growth, with more dependence on cloud technologies as companies increasingly work remotely. But is this growth sustainable post-pandemic — both logistically and environmentally?
Loudoun County shows no signs of slowing down, with seven data center applicants in their fast track permitting pipeline. Meanwhile, nearby jurisdictions are starting to compete to court developers. Prince William County created a Data Center Opportunity Zone Overlay to incentivize development, and Maryland recently passed several data center tax incentives. How will these changes, combined with increased demand from the pandemic, impact development in our region? Regardless of where they land, data centers are notorious energy consumers. With local jurisdictions increasingly looking to promote more sustainable development practices, how will the design of data centers continue to evolve in the coming years, to sustain their growth in a responsible way while meeting end user’s needs?
Please join ULI Washington for a virtual informative panel on the future of data center’s in the region. This panel will discuss the impacts of COVID, how future data center designs will balance increased capacity with sustainability, and how their developers anticipate defying current market trends to continue growth in the region.  
  • Colleen Gillis, Partner, Cooley LLP (Moderator)
  • Joy Hughes, Southwest Region Critical Facilities Practice Area Leader, Architect, Gensler Denver
  • Tim Hughes, Director of Strategy and Development, Stack Infrastructure
  • Buddy Rizer, Executive Director for Economic Development, Loudoun County, VA
  • Damian Whitham, Vice President Business Development, COPT Data Centers

Additional Panelist to Be Announced.
  1. How has COVID-19 increased demand for data centers and how has it altered your growth plans?
  2.  Loudoun County has emerged as "data center alley” regionally, but are there opportunities for other parts of the region to emerge? Where and why?
  3. As we see increased demand for data centers, what different approaches are you seeing across geographic regions?
  4. Compare and contrast the design and sustainability goals for data centers in various regions?
  5. What sustainability concepts are being used in the aesthetic/engineering design of data centers?