NEXT Washington

NEXT Washington is open to all active ULI Washington members that fall into the general 35-45 year old demographic. While Next attracts a core group of ULI Washington Members, other members may attend as desired.


NEXT Washington

NEXT Washington is both an educational and a network building group. Members get to know each other well through discussions and also reach out to each other for advice in their day to day work.

NEXT Annual Fee:  $100 (Private Sector); $50 (Public Sector)

Why Participate?
ULI Washington’s NEXT Washington Initiative Council (NEXT Washington) program serves to engage members who age out of the Young Leaders program (generally 35-45 year olds). NEXT is both an educational and a network building group. The first NEXT Washington Initiative Flight has been operating for about a year with an initial membership of approximately 25 members.

Guided by Steering Committees, NEXT Washington Flights typically hold meetings on a bi-monthly basis, incorporating presentations of topical interest to its members for the purpose of promoting candid discussion from a diversity of perspectives. In addition, NEXT Washington will promote opportunities to meaningfully participate in existing ULI Washington programs such as the TAP program and, UrbanPlan and on national product councils. Through NEXT Washington, participants can attain their goal to remain active ULI Washington members during their rise to leadership positions within the industry.

Flight Structure
Flights convene once every two months for regular 2 hour sessions, typically on Friday mornings from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at a central location in Washington, DC., starting in September. At least six (6) sessions will be scheduled throughout the calendar year. Members will be required to attend at least four (4) of the six (6) sessions, and to actively participate in presenting and/or facilitating one or more of those sessions. The topics for each session are selected by NEXT Washington members.


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NEXT Co-Chairs

Evan Weisman

Donohoe Development Company

NEXT Washington Committee Co-Chair

(202) 625-4246

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Christopher Ruhlen

Lerch, Early & Brewer

NEXT Washington Committee Co-Chair

(301) 664-7615

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ULI Washington Staff

Emily Tara Weberman

ULI Washington

Senior Director

(202) 316-0970

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